Work Work Club!

The WW Club is a small — but growing! — group of whizzes who like to make things.

We might have titles where we work, but our skills go beyond their descriptions.

We mostly work through this Internet, but our ideas go broader.


The WW Club is not an agency. It is not a business nor a company. It is simply a banner: a war cry, a work cry.

We do not claim to have a monopoly on good work, nor that everyone who is doing good work should join us.

We are humble workers in pursuit of principles, interested in making sure work is valued and its value respected.

Do I qualify?

  • I want to learn.
  • I want to be better.
  • I’m proactive rather than passive.
  • I create therefore I am.
  • I am generous with my own resources.
  • I choose the right way, not the easy way.
  • I treat others with respect.
  • I value quality because it defines my own value.
  • I value quantity because it is oftentimes a necessary path to quality.
  • I am passionate.
  • I am open-minded.
  • Anyone's time is as important as mine.
  • I think that "owning an idea" is an interesting idea of its own*. #deep
  • I understand and value intellectual property.

What can we do?

We encourage and applaud the great, and call out the phoney.

We pursue the meaningful, but acknowledge that the futile is not always empty.

We pursue the timeless, but find enormous weight in the timely temporary.

We work, we work.